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A Victim Impact and Reentry Statement is your voluntary right and a tool to express to the Board of Pardons and Parole the effect a crime has had on you. Revisiting that time in your life and articulating it in words can be emotional and very difficult. LAVO is here to help. 


We can help you gather and organize your thoughts, and provide support before, during, and after a pardon or parole hearing. We offer a second pair of eyes to look at your statement and help you edit and refine your thoughts. We are trained and capable to work with a wide range of victims ranging from children (over the age of 12) to seniors.


LAVO can help facilitate the process of editing and submitting your statement on time, notify the Board of your attendance, and be present as a support system for you and your family. We create a safe space for you as you confront past trauma and work toward holistic healing. We provide impact statement assistance over the phone, or through one or more confidential video sessions. 


LAVO meets victims and survivors at all stages of healing. We care about your wellness and keeping you informed, so that way you can approach this process with greater ease and confidence. 

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