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Innovating Justice

Strengthening Victim Support Networks through Collaboration and Progress
Innovating Justice

Join us for an enlightening conference focused on empowering survivors and victims of crime in Louisiana! Louisiana Victim Outreach Program and the Louisiana Board of Pardons and Committee on Parole are proud to host criminal justice professionals and stakeholders from all over the state, who are passionate about improving victim services and advocating for justice. Hear from expert speakers, attend engaging workshops, and connect with other professionals, advocates, and community members working to better support victims and survivors in Louisiana. The best part? This can't-miss event is 100% free!!
Together, we will build a community of support for those impacted by crime and work towards creating a more compassionate and equitable criminal justice system in Louisiana. Whether you are a law enforcement officer, prosecutor, victim advocate, or social worker, this conference is an invaluable opportunity to gain knowledge, network with peers, and make a positive impact in your community. Join us and help us create a brighter future for survivors and victims in Louisiana.

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